Things Happen Here

Be A Lift Legend At Things Happen Here

From Sunday December 10th until New Years Day, Things Happen Here is taking part in Devon And Cornwall Police’s Lift Legend scheme aimed at reducing drink and drug driving over the festive period.

Drink and drug driving is one of the ‘fatal five’ causes of serious injuries and deaths on roads in South West England. Last winter, Devon & Cornwall Police arrested 952 people who were caught driving under the influence.

Things Happen Here is the only venue in TQ9 participating in the scheme and we will be offering a free soft drink from the gun after a drink has been purchased by an identified designated driver.

If you are a designated driver, when you buy a drink at the bar please let our bar staff know. They will give you a card to get a free soft drink from the gun as a thank you for doing your bit to make sure your friends, colleagues and family members get home safely.