Things Happen Here

Gig Club

Remember when you discovered music and it didn’t discover you?

Support live music by joining the Things Happen Here Gig Club which is launching at our Soap Girls gig on Saturday May 18th.

Things Happen Here is an independent taproom and venue where we curate an eclectic, original and diverse range of live music events. The acts we choose are varied in style but are always acts that we think are making interesting, engaging and exciting music. We never promote a show where we don’t believe in the artists or like the music they are making. If a new, up and coming or established artist grabs our attention or deserves our support, when we can, we will put them on and damn the consequences!

We have had some truly memorable gigs over the past 12 months, from the amazing innovative Jimi Tenor to the original and extreme Chewy She as well as supporting local acts such as Leonard and the Zombies and Death Roll.

We want you to be able to take a punt on music you may not know. If we like the bands we put on, we think you will like them too. We want to make it easy for you to enjoy the things we are making happen here and we are offering an annual membership to the ‘Things Happen Here Gig Club’. For an annual membership fee you will receive:

  • Free entry to all Things Happen Here promoted live band events plus select third party promoted events.
  • 10% off Things Happen Here core range beer, cider plus spirits and non branded soft drinks on the evening of the event between door time and gig end time.
  • Early Bird event notice.
  • Exclusive Gig Club merch only available to our members.
  • The warm glow that you are supporting original live music happening in Dartington. All money raised via Gig Club membership goes straight back into our live music budget.

Annual membership costs:

  • GIG GOER: £55 individual membership
  • GIG BUDDY: £99 you and your gig buddy
  • GIG GANG: £185 group membership for 4 named adults

Small print:

  • Membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Membership is annual and valid for 12 months from joining gig club.
  • Gigs get postponed, touring schedules don’t always fit our schedule.
  • Drinks discount is for the named club member only.
  • Offer is subject to change.


How do I join?

Join at Things Happen Here. Complete the membership form and pay at the taproom.

What’s included?

Free entry for named members to every Things Happen Here in house promoted live band event and some third party promoted events alongside a 10% discount on THH own brand beer and cider plus spirits and soft drinks from the gun from doors opening at Gig Club events.

What’s not included?

Entry into non live band events and some third party promoted events. Drinks are not discounted at non Gig Club events.

How do I know which shows are Gig Club shows and when they are?

You will be notified in advance via email of all Gig Club shows. Look out for posters in the venue or on our socials with our Gig Club logo.

How often will Gig Club gigs happen?

Over the past 12 months there have been 12 gigs that would have qualified for Gig Club and we envisage Gig Club gigs to follow a similar pattern. The exact frequency depends on touring schedules and things beyond our control such as postponements.

Do I have to get a ticket?

No – being a Gig Club member your name will be on the door at each Gig Club gig. Just show up and have a good time!

Can I bring a guest as part of my membership?

Gig club is for named members only and is non transferable.

Is membership limited?

Yes. On launch, Gig Club is limited to 50 people only.

When do I get my membership/discount card and tote bag?

Gig club is launching at our Soap Girls gig on Saturday May 18th and we are aiming to have everything ready to go for our first Gig Club show that night. If you join after that date, your goodies will be available at the point you join.